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Choosing TOTAL Card means enjoying the best fuel quality and service. A dedicated sales team accompanies you every day to simplify all your steps. Here are our commitments.


 phone customer service contact<br />
 Customer Care

We provide a 12/7 customer care to bring all the answers to your questions. The customer care will also assist you with your requests on the online portal.


phone customer service contact<br />
 Updates and Announcements

All information relating to cards and networks that accept the TOTAL card (stations, services, promotions) are regularly updated and accessible 24 hours a day from our website and mobile application.


Computer security software<br />
 The management of cards and tags

Thanks to a personalized and secure customer portal, you can manage your own cards: creation, verification, deletion, opposition ... You can also modify the settings of your cards, download the status of your fleet, access billing services, or analyze your consumption.


Fuel card<br />
 The processing of requests

In case of loss or theft of a TOTAL card, you can call the customer care to oppose it or use the customer portal. As soon as your TOTAL card order is registered, the new card will be ready within 3 working days. Your invoice is accompanied by a detailed statement of your transactions specifying, among other things, the VAT amounts, the various items of expenditure, the price of fuel ...


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 Satisfaction monitoring

Do you want to make a claim? Whatever the reason or subject, you will receive a clear and precise answer.