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About Total Egypt

Total Egypt is subsidiary of Total established in 1998. The company is active across the entire oil product distribution sector, with general sales, lubricants, marine and aviation activities as well as a retail network. The company currently employs 230 people and makes particular efforts in recruitment, training and professional development.

A growing involvement in the country

Total Egypt’s involvement in the country has been growing constantly over the years. Whatever the circumstances the company has never halted its operations which has allowed her to acquire new positions on the market. The Cairo metro contract, which combines fuels, oil card, lubricants and services with a cross selling approach, is the best example of this. Total Egypt is also scoring points on the network.

A developing network on one of the biggest markets in Africa

The company runs a network of 239 service stations throughout the country. Initially, TOTAL chose to develop its network in the Delta (with an average of seven new stations per year) with a large diesel offering. Given the rapid urbanization within the past few years, it has also launched a new type of station, such as Maadi Cornish , Marina on the Mediterranean coast or Katameya in New Cairo, which is cropping up in the newly formed cities. These stations offer gasoline, a large shop with a coffee corner in partnership with Cilantro and various food offerings as well as many integrated services such as tires, in partnership with Bridgestone.

Providing quality products and services to customers

Total Egypt’s mission is to provide quality products and services to its customers. It retails high quality fuels and lubricants as well as services and various products at its Bonjour shops. Since it was launched in 2009, its customers have come to rely on its TOTAL card (more than 3,000 cards in circulation) which can be used at any of its stations nationwide, to provide safety, convenience and fleet management. The company also continues to invest to bring its products and services nearer the clients and to ensure safety standards are maintained.

Managing logistics issues

Delivering 239 stations each day as well as bulk customers and lubricants, requires strict discipline in terms of logistics. The fleet of the company has therefore been completely updated and now includes onboard computers. To secure supplies, Total Egypt has also owns four depots: the first two located in Cairo and directly linked to the Mostorod refinery; the third one in Suez while the forth one is near Alexandria in Borg El Arab used to store the base oils of the brand new blending plant.

Speeding up key development projects in lubricants

Total Egypt is continuing to develop lubricants through the development of direct sales to industry, the expansion of its geographic coverage and the signature of contracts with importers and large automobile dealers. With numerous exclusive contracts such as Abou Ghali (Hyundai, GM, BMW, Nissan, Mapple, JMC),EATC ( VW and Audi), KAYAN (SEAT), Diamond Motors (Mitsubishi) EIM (Renault), Ezz EL Arab (Volvo, Citroen, Proton, Chrysler, and Great wall), Man, Renault Trucks and Scania, Total Egypt is ranked number 2 in the car dealer segment behind the market leader.