The Total wash consists of:


Jet Wash


This is an external wash that uses hot water using a high pressure jet, high quality detergent & shining long lasting wax. This type of wash protects the car paint from fading that could occur due to environmental effects such as strong sunlight.




Say Goodbye to your worries! If you’re looking for a quick wash with high quality then Total Wash Rollover Machine is your answer. It takes only 6 minutes to be performed. This is an external wash that uses high pressure water, high quality detergent and shining wax with long lasting effect. The German machine is equipped with the latest technology in brushes, using soft material that is gentle on the car body yet tough on dirt and doesn’t cause any scratches to the paint.

For internal wash, we use high quality detergents that clean, protect & polish the dashboard and the car interior while also protecting it against dust and sun effect as this technology is like a dust buster. 

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