To guarantee the best performance of our engine oils, we have been involved in motorsport competitions worldwide for over 45 years with hundreds of victories and multiple FIA World Champion titles.   We have experienced some of the toughest track conditions known to man - the roughest deserts, the fastest racing circuits and the snowiest mountains. While most engine oils would shy away from these harsh competitive environments; they have become the ideal testing grounds for TOTAL QUARTZ. Therefore, the engineers who have developed our competition oils have developed our TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants range, creating a cutting-edge technology that provides the ultimate engine protection and guarantees optimal performance from the racing track to your car.




Known for rewriting the history of motorsports in Egypt, Rahala Racing Team is Total’s local partner, which has been dominating tracks across the country since its inception. Rahala was the first Egyptian motorsport team to ever participate in the world’s toughest track, Dakar Rally. They were also the first Egyptian team to earn a global ranking in 2010.

Nevertheless, Rahala team is 4the times Cross Country Rally Champion and the current title holder. Total Egypt is the main sponsor for Rahala racing team which support all the joint activities such as racing competitions and promoting the safety road culture across total stations.