Total Egypt Celebrates TOTAL QUARTZ Competition Winners

Cairo, October 18, 2017

Total Egypt organized a closing ceremony for TOTAL QUARTZ promotion ; by inviting winners of both rounds to receive their brand new vehicles and enjoy an evening of exciting activities to celebrate the end of the promotion.


Over the course of the summer a draw was organized on four Renault cars - Renault Megane Grand Coupe for TOTAL QUARTZ INEO entries and Renault Stepway for TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 entries. The two separate draws were held under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity to guarantee strict adherence to competition rules and regulations.


“It is always a pleasure to organize an activity like the TOTAL QUARTZ promotion, which does not just help us bring our products closer to consumers but also help us establish long-standing relationships with them, by adding this exciting element to a regular business transaction,” Ian Lepetit; Total Egypt Managing Director said, “Our priority is to continue to provide our customers with quality products in the vein of TOTAL QUARTZ, helping them protect their engines and enjoy the very best performances their cars can provide.”


The lucky winners for each round were Ahmed Abou Bakr Fawy Abou Bakr and Ihab Mohamed El-Bastawisy who each won a Renault Megane Grand Coupe after sending in their TOTAL QUARTZ INEO purchase codes and Yasmine Nasr Sayed Said and Mohamed Saad Othman who each won a Renault Stepway for sending in their TOTAL QUARTZ 5000 purchase codes.










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