Total Egypt - Energizing the North Coast Everyday this Summer

Energizing the North Coast Everyday this Summer


Total Egypt is a prominent fixture of the North Coast Summer, developing and implementing activities across several communities and resorts in the area. Total has begun its activation efforts at La Vista and Diplo3, and other exciting activities in Marina 5 and TOTAL Marina.

At Diplo 3 Total is hosting a football competition held exclusively for beach members from 4-6 pm. Those who wish to participate can do so by registering their name, awaiting their turn and then attempting to hit 10 shots on target. The winner is the one who scores the highest number of goals and his or her name will be announced by the end of each competition day.

Another exciting activity organized by Total Egypt on a regular basis is a raffle held at 6:30 pm at the conclusion of the musical party. Beach members each receive a unique number in the hope of winning an exciting prize as part of the random draw.

At the Americana Group in Marina 5 Total Egypt is offering branded merchandise and gifts for children.

We wish you a fun and exciting North Coast summer with Total Egypt!


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