WSUL" PROVIDES EMPLOYMENT solutions for people with disabilities|Total Egypt


Cairo, March 26, 2017:

The "Startupper of the Year 2016 by Total" challenge was launched by Total Group in 34 African countries simultaneously as part of Total's support of the socioeconomic development of its host countries worldwide. The initiative aimed to strengthen the local industrial base and employment by identifying, rewarding and supporting innovative entrepreneurs to help them achieve original projects that impact communities.


Having been among the top three winning projects selected by Total for being the most innovative with a capacity to improve the living conditions of the Egyptian people, Amena El Saie and Ramez Maher's Wssul project had won third prize in the Total Startupper challenge in 2016 with a financial support of EGP 70,000 in addition to business coaching provided by Total Egypt. In October 2016, with the help of Total, Wssul had completed the necessary paper work and legal procedures to be a registered company in Egypt, and had been provided a free office space in Cairo's downtown area Garden City for one year.


Wssul works with its clients to remove social, physical and technological barriers through training programs and consultation towards having an environment that is accessible and accommodates everyone, including people with disabilities. Wsul - which translates into 'access' - helps companies and organizations use their full market potential by making their services inclusive for persons with different disabilities through customized full-fledged solutions. It provides employers with the expertise and custom solutions to tackle complex business challenges. These include the recruitment, training, access consultancy and business support for persons with disabilities.


"We are very happy we had the opportunity to support Wssul project under the Total 2016 Startupper Challenge," said Ian Lepetit, Total Egypt Managing Director. "A very important step for the social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities in Egypt, Wssul shows the power of inspiring and innovative ideas when offered the opportunity and resources. Egyptian entrepreneurs have the potential and readiness to bring about extraordinary change and our mission is to support these efforts. We are happy to provide the opportunity to support the aspirations of young ambitious Egyptians while improving the lives of the Egyptian people, and help accelerate the country's economic and social progress," he added.


"One year ago, we were among the top winners of the 'Startupper of the Year 2016' challenge by Total. Today, Total's financial and technical support is helping us support and transform the lives of persons with disabilities in Egypt," said Wssul founder Amena El Sebaie. "Since we started our business, we provided our services to some of the key market leaders such as Vodafone Egypt, CIB, and Cairo University (FEPS). We are also finalizing deals with GIZ and IIE on promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in the job market. This is an important initiative towards helping persons with disabilities in Egypt be part of the society, work and fulfil their dreams. We are happy to be part of this necessary change with the opportunity provided by Total," she added.


An approximate estimate by the World Health Organization places the rate of persons with disabilities in Egypt at more than 15% and the 2014 constitution requires companies to ensure 5% of their workforce are persons with disabilities.




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