Total Egypt Continues to Support FACE in its Ongoing Efforts to Help Vulnerable Children in Egypt


In the first six months of 2017 FACE for Children in Need has continued its tireless efforts to support children experiencing abuse or in vulnerable situations across the country, particularly in light of ever-increasing financial pressures that result in more and more young people facing precarious conditions. Poor families are always likely to bear the brunt of economic upheavals and it is the role of non-governmental organizations to support official authorities and fill in wherever they are unable to due to the immensity of the task. One of the way FACE offers support is by improving the existing legal framework and creating operational procedures to reinforce family-based care and alternative care in Egypt.

FACE projects are multifocal and emphasize both immediate help for vulnerable children as well as the long-term improvement of the support options they have. Whether it is offering shelter and care to street children or setting up safety nets and support mechanisms to prevent families from breaking up and leading to potential child abandonment or unnecessary placement into institutional care. 

FACE has launched a number of new projects this year such as providing European Union- sponsored training for government staff at childcare institutions to improve the overall situation for residents of poorly run government orphanages and has been asked by UNICEF and the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM) to take part in a new national program implementing 'Child Protection Committees' at a national level.

FACE has also secured the support of the European Union for the third time, for a new 3-year project that aims to improve the child protection system, access to rights-based services and legal support for street children in Greater Cairo and in Ministry of Social Solidarity run institutions in Egypt.

Total Egypt is proud to sponsor the noble work of such a dedicated and effectively managed organization, and will continue to fulfill its commitment to supporting the Egyptian community as a whole, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable segments of society.


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