Our Fuel Quality

In commitment to our high service standards, Total performs quality control and regular check-ups throughout the logistics chain, to ensure the distribution of superior quality fuel.

Total Fuel Research & Development

Total’s researchers work hard to keep service and quality standards at a competitive level.


Total applies product’s control, we regularly check for potential defects like air oxidation or water component in the products.

Total Partnerships:

Our longstanding and reputable presence in the field has allowed Total to make wide, successful partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers, including:

  • Car manufacturers and equipment manufacturers

  • Numerous independent research centers in universities and laboratories

  • Competence in the service of Formula 1 vehicles

  • Competence in the service of sedan vehicles, trucks and family vehicles

Total Depot Delivery

In accordance with Total’s core values of trust, satisfaction and transparency, we share the process at the storage depot and loading station.

Total Fuel Delivery

Following international safety standards and in commitment to high service and quality standard, quality control is regularly performed at Total depots.

Our depots falls under quality check prior to receiving our fuels followed by a final check on the depots and the received fuel. Safety & quality inspections measures take place on the trucks which contain several compartments prior to loading our fuels. The truck will distribute Total specific fuel to the Total stations. At the service station, the fuel is inspected before offloading it in the service station’s tanks to insure that the quality high standards.


Finally, the whole process falls under another inspection from a team of experts to guarantee the highest quality standards.



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