School is just around the corner and parents are getting ready to resume the all too hectic back-to-school routine. Here are a few tips to help you and your family safely get through the morning/afternoon rush.

Shoulder check— before opening your vehicle door, always look behind, glancing over your shoulder. Many moped, motorcycle and bicycle drivers try to bypass traffic by riding too close to parked cars.

Check your brakes— stop by Total and ask one of our mechanics to check your brake pads and hardware. Brake checks are the surest way to spot minor wears that could otherwise be dangerous.

Hang back— stay as far behind as you can when you notice a reckless driver. If you have to, slow down or even park on the shoulder of the road until you’ve created enough of a safe distance between you and the driver.

Observe residential, school and playground zones—reduce your speed in these areas as children may be playing or running around, not paying attention to cars driving by.

Obey traffic rules—sometimes we are tempted to avoid a horrible traffic jam by turning into a one-way street or weaving through car lanes. But, as harmless as it may seem, you never know when an oncoming vehicle can catch you off guard.

Lock the doors—when you have a few kids in the car, things get crazy. In the midst of children playing around, the last thing a parent wants is for a door to be accidently pushed open.

Set your watch 15 minutes ahead—this will prompt you to always leave 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. It may not seem like much, but if you suddenly find yourself in an unexpected traffic jam or behind a car that’s broken down, those 15 minutes will save you the anxiety of being late, hence keep you from speeding to your destination.


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