Choosing the Right Oil for Your Engine

May 30, 2017

Car engines are generally designed with a specific type of oil in mind, which varies in terms of viscosity and additives and which uniquely guarantees the best possible performance for each model. Using a different type or a lower quality of oil can change the car’s handling or - as a worst case scenario - lead to a complete engine seizure.

As engine technology evolves, so does oil sensitivity, with some cars now even able to detect whether the oil being used is appropriate or potentially damaging to engine performance.

To avoid total confusion in determining the right oil for each engine, it is best for car owners to follow the guidelines listed in their user manual to help them select among the wide range of conventional and synthetic oils – and blends - available. Premium conventional oil for example is considered to be the standard new car oil, while high-tech engines require full-synthetic oils. If your car has traveled far it may require special, high-mileage oil, while synthetic blend oils are beneficial for higher engine temperatures.

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