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Don't wait for more and change your oil now to TOTAL Quartz Ineo or TOTAL Quartz 5000, be part of the draw and have a chance to win one of four Renault cars!

Buy a 4-lit pack of quartz Ineo 5w40 and get a code to enter a lucky draw for the following prizes:
two cars Renault Megane grand coupe 2017


Buy a 4-lit pack of quartz 5000 and get a code to enter a lucky draw for the following prizes:
two cars Renault Stepway 2017

The customers can access their code on a scratch card which is under the front sticker of the pack
(remove the front sticker to access the scratch card and send the code on the scratch card to the short code 1440)

The lucky draws will be in two phases, on July 31st and the 10th of september. The last date for sending the code is the 9st of september .




New to our Engine Lubricant line

Our latest global campaign “Forever Young” introduces the Total Quartz range as the anti-aging solution for engines with its new commercial promise: Total Quartz, Keep your engine younger for longer”.

Thanks to the ART (Age Resistance Technology) concept developed by the R&D and Marketing teams..  

The Robot Quartz demonstrates the qualities of endurance and resistance to extreme temperatures in cold or heat. 


Total Petrol Treatment Launch

total-promotions campain-Petrol Treatment

Exclusively at Maadi Corniche, Maadi Autostrad, Laselky, Ring Road, Katameya, 6 October, Desert Road and Abbas El Akkad.




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