How do I get this system?


You can contact TOTAL CSC


-Specify the number of vehicles in your fleet


-CSC will send you a quotation for the annual card fees


-Agree whether your payment mode will be prepaid or postpaid


-CSC will send you the relevant contract to be signed


-You will return the contract signed attached to it a copy of your commercial registry and copy of your tax card.


-You will pay the card fees.


-CSC will send you the creation form to set up the needed securities


-You will receive your cards within 2 working days after the contract has been signed.



Can I change the symbol of the pin fuel cards?


Yes you may choose the pin code that you wish.






What is the price of TOTAL card?





The annual fees cover the card price and the service you receive on the card.

From 1 to 10 500L.E.

From 11 to 20 250 L.E.

From 21 to 50 200 L.E.

From 51 to 100 150 L.E.

Above 150 130 L.E.



Where can I use fuel cards?


In all TOTAL network across Egypt.



How do I quickly find a TOTAL station ?


You can download our app TOTAL Services from App store.



How do I manage fuel budget?


You set up all the restrictions you need during the initial set up and the system calculates


automatically the average consumption of your fleet. If this consumption is exceeded you will receive


an anomloy notification. You can also monitor through the reports on the portal.




What are the products that can be payment cards fuel TOTAL ? 



All our products, fuel , lubes, services, shop.



I would like to order a new card, what should I do?


Send a request through the portal and you will receive it within 24 working hours after paying the





We have just lost cards, what should I do?


You log into your portal and blacklist the card immediately or send an email to our CSC team to black


list the card for you.