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1. How to provide fuel Cards from the total better protection?

At the outset, been promoting protection through the control and the symbol of the pin, where the total cards already examined the symbol of personal definition itself, which prevents any people have no conscience of the card connector card reader to obtain a code for the pin, which means strengthening the protection in the case of the Card theft or loss. Turn off the card automatically if the introduction of three icons wrong respectively whatever treatment. Consequently, no longer able persons unscrupulous enter all possible icons until they find a proper symbol. Finally, it was strengthening protection as the symbol of the personal profile information stored on the chip so that anyone can read the definition icon only PC maker of this chip in case of need. No other person to do so.


2. Can I change the symbol of the pin fuel Cards?

Of course, you can do so. Send an electronic message card number of office backstopping operations on totalcard@total.eg or send the Cards on the headquarters of the total Egypt: street corner 254/206 Tigris River, Maadi, Cairo - Egypt.


3. What is the display?

Currently available to the two types of Cards to the total: Payment Card pre-payment card-term. For more information, please communicate with the team of the cards.

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4. What must the entered for the process through the Card?

Each one of the transactions, the Card holder ENTER PIN. If selected, the card holder enter mileage.


5. How the price of total card?

Determine the price in the contract between all of your business and total. For more information, please communicate with the team of the Card.

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6. Where can I use fuel Cards?

You can use the total Card your fuel in many of its service stations to us. When there was the slogan of the Cards on our surround which refers to us, this means that the service station, accept the Cards.


7. How do I quickly find the station totalfinaelf left it?

You can through the use of the map of the stations that are supplied by the company when signing the contract or during a visit to the site of the total of the electronic mail or through the application install "total services" on your mobile phone to search for service stations of the US another knowledge tell us.


8. How do I manage fuel budget?

- depends fuel selection and services to the needs of each client. Be Identified clearly procurement beside checked and secured.

- each card a range of products and services (car wash and lubricants, the commissary...)

- there is for a maximum of procurement.

- each Card Definition icon personal for the purpose of securing the payments.


9. How do I customize the fleet?

Our can meet your needs. In each card of the Cards, you can customize:

- Maximum fuel purchases.

- Maximum of procurement services.

- Geographical acceptance.

- provisional admission.


10. What are the products that can be payment Cards fuel total?

It would be possible for the Card holder of repaying the value of products (of fuel and other) selected when the establishment of fuel Card.


11. How do I improve fuel budget?

Preferred report detailed transactions, you can control better in the consumption of special fleet of your total Cards fuel. You can receive the report of the detailed transactions on a regular basis.

- the lack of any claims on the excess expenditure.

- VAT refund more easily.

- Controlling better in procurement undertaken in service stations.

- Controlling better in the number of miles and the consumption of cars.


12. We have just received the special Cards, can I use?

Yes, you must give each card holder Definition icon personal side of the dangers of the commentary.


13. I would like to request a new Card, what should I do?

There are many options: You have a model for the establishment of the Card, all you have to do is to update the data required to send official model office backstopping operations of you. I ask the representative of sales you attend the establishment of the card together. Use the website (www.mytotalfuelcard.com) at any time, where you can request a new Card is fast and easy.


14. We have just lost Cards, what should I do?

Continue with the Office backstopping operations of you as soon as possible through any of the means mentioned below, I ask them to include the card on the black list. The special responsibilities in terms of sale on site during the course of the contract. People can present States with

www.mytotalfuelcard.com service on the Prohibition of the use of special Cards through the site. E-mail: totalcard@total.eg | maie.ziada@total.eg.


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