TOTAL is implementing more environmentally-friendly look worldwide

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At TOTAL, we believe that the secret of success is never to stop looking for ways in which to move forward. Innovation is the key to vitality and viability, which is why TOTAL is implementing a brand-new, more environmentally-friendly look worldwide, which our valued customers here in Egypt can now experience first-hand at our Maadi Corniche service station. True to TOTAL’s policy of contributing to local development and establishing roots in the countries where it is present, TOTAL is targeting a total of 5,000 service stations in the Middle East and Africa alone, where it will take around 5 years for the new identity to be implemented, at a considerable investment to the company.

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With its sleek new design, much lighter canopy and dominant natural teak colour, this eco-friendly image for Total service stations will gradually replace the current red stations; the colour red will be maintained in tasteful touches to retain the brand identity but in a more subtle way. In addition, the stations have a new totem with an LED display that is more elegant and better visible.

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This new identity is more than just pleasing to the eye: it reflects a whole concept, T-Air, standing for Total: Acceptability, Integration and Realism, which simply translated means that we are moving with the times, and keeping up with the spirit of the age with its emphasis on environmental awareness. So rather than ‘shout out’ on the landscape, we prefer rather to blend into it with a new, eco-friendly, contemporary look that achieves integration with the surrounding environment in a more subtle, harmonious way, in addition to implementing even more energy-efficient installations.

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Nothing stays the same, nor should it! And for TOTAL, that means moving forward to anticipate and initiate change, not just wait for it to happen. We are sure that this latest development will earn the approval of our discerning customers here in Egypt, and look forward to welcoming you to our Maadi Corniche service station where the only thing that will never change is our friendly and efficient service!